FG fueled IPOB fire – SAN

By  Vincent Osuji

The Federal Government has been accused of inflaming the conflagration supposedly lit by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) which is threatening to consume the entire nation today.
Speaking to  Christian voice on the issue, an Owerri-based legal practitioner, Barr. Ndukwe Nnawuchi (SAN), said that the government was popularizing the leader of the group, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, by giving him undeserved attention. According to him: “The problem is that the Federal Government popularized the IPOB thing. They made the Nnamdi  man popular. He is somebody they should have ignored. If they did that, this thing that is happening today wouldn’t have happened”.
He said that the government gave it so much attention that Kanu began to flex muscles, leading to the death of innocent souls.
The army recently commenced a security operation in the south east code named operation Python Dance II, during which people died in Abia  State including members of IPOB.
Abia State is IPOB leader’s home. There were also causalities in River State after the clash between IPOB loyalists and soldiers.
Nnawuchi called on the youths following Kanu to face more important things than going about the Biafra issue.

He accused the leadership of IPOB of gathering funds from international organizations and some individuals to their own benefits, at the expense of the youth.
“They are making millions of naira and the youths are following them sheepishly. So, I think our youth should be focused on more relevant things than IPOB”, he said.
Ndukwe, who is also the Registrar and Clerk of the Anglican Diocese of Owerri, said that IPOB is not a legal entity and should be regarded as such.
No reasonable or sensible person will belong to IPOB, or endorse their activities, he said, after seeing the civil war of 1996 to 1970.
The Federal Government has, however, gazetted its decision to proscribe  IPOB and label it a terrorist organization after obtaining a court affirmation.
The United States government and European Union, however, said they did not see the organization as a terrorist organization.

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