Pray, plead for God’s Presence … In times like this. – Bishop tells Christians at 3rd session of 20th Synod of Owerri Diocese

Bishop Cyril C. Okorocha Ph.D of the Anglican Diocese of Owerri, has called on Christians to return to the lifestyle of “Churchmanship” which, he said, is characterized by the presence of God in the church.
In his words: “the situation in today’s world requires that we pray and plead daily for that presence”.
Bishop Okorocha, who was delivering his presidential address at this year’s synod of the Diocese at Christ’s Anglican Church, Owerri on the theme, Guard the Gospel, said that God will not fail to give heed to the prayers of his saints “who set their priorities right and give themselves over to crying to Him day and night”.
The prelate earlier observed  that Christians had chased God out of the church when they preach and pray for the packages of money from secular members and corrupt politicians, adding that those who want to run away from God now run into the church because they know that the Holy God is no longer there.
He, however, gave the consolation that God is not a wicked task master, that if He asks us to make brick, He will surely equip us with the straw.
Bishop Okorocha said that for Christians to be able to guard the Gospel, they must make sure that this Gospel is with them and in them.
He pointed out obvious challenges to guarding the gospel, which included economic, moral, social and academic pressures, among others, but was emphatic that in guarding the gospel, the church needs to return to traditional, orthodox biblical preaching, just as the John Stott’s Longham preaching programme is seeking to bring back a revolution of Bible preaching in the church.
“The church needs to, through this bible preaching, return once again to being a balanced, Bible Believing, Bible Behaving and Bible Bearing Community of Faith, he said.