Why Christians must guard the Gospel – Bishop Okorocha

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Anglican Bishop of Owerri, Rt. Rev. Cyril C. Okorocha PhD, has called for the reintroduction of sound education rooted in the scriptures.
Delivering his Presidential Address at this year’s synod of the diocese at Christ’s Church, Owerri, the Bishop noted that paganism and other sinful acts are now bedeviling the church.
He regretted that this ugly trend has resulted in God deserting the church while non-Christians occupy the front seat.
The prelate, who spoke on the theme, Guard the Gospel, counseled Christians to repent and return to the faith of the fore-fathers who worshipped God honestly, adding that they should guard the gospel because it is precious.
He also stressed the need for Christians to show love to their neighbours and keep to the mandate of making disciples for Jesus Christ.
In the address, the bishop emphasized that “there is no new gospel, no new Holy Spirit and no special Holy Spirit for some special people”.
He said that true Christians need to be reminded of this regularly irrespective of the “shifts and change of modern times and the emergence of new ways of interpreting life and surviving in that changing world”.
He cited the scriptures, such as Gal. 6:9,1Tim. 5:8, Eph. 5:22-6:4, Daniel 1-5, Acts 4, among others guides for guarding the Gospel in the home, in situations of persecution, as teachers, pastors, politicians and so on.
Moving a motion for the adoption of the address, Ven. James Onyekwelibe, the Vicar of St Mark’s Anglican Church Amakohia described the address as wonderful as it dealt with the theology of forgiveness and love and recommends the Holy Bible as a strong base.
Ven. Onyekwelibe, who spoke on behalf of the Clergy, observed that the Bishop likened the economic, moral and social challenges in Nigeria to that of the Israelites and the Corinthians, adding that he delivered the speech like the biblical Joshua and St. Paul.
Speaking for the Laity, Sir Martin Onunuju noted that the document contains all one needs to make heaven.

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