St. Mark’s Amakohia EFAC week kicks off Thursday

The Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion (EFAC) of St. Mark’s Anglican Church Amakohia Uratta, will hold a six-day crusade to mark her week, beginning from Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2017.
The crusade, with the theme “More than Conquerors”, will feature salvation message, Holy Ghost Baptism, Deliverance from Oppression and Barrenness Drama, Special numbers and healing.
The statement said that the six-day crusade will run between Tuesday, 31st October to Sunday 5th November and will also feature of God servants including venerable John C. Adubasim, and Rev. Chris Mejuru, as guest speakers, while His Lordship, the Anglican Bishop of Owerri, Rt. Rev. Cyril C. Okorocha PhD, is also expected to grace the occasion.
In his remark, the Archdeacon of the host church venerable James C. Onyekwelibe expressed optimism that the crusade will be an explosive wonder.
He called on the Christian faithful in attend the event to pray and commit their likes to Jesus Christ.

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