Buhari asked to ignore sycophants

Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Egbu, Rt. Rev. Geoffrey Enyinnaya Okorafor, has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to  ignore  sychophants and leave office in May 29, 2019.
He also expressed disgust that the Buhari administration allegedly does not regard public opinion, especially on how to fight corruption.
Bishop Okorafor,  gave the advise in his 82-page Presidential Address which critically analyzed situation of President Muhammadu Buhari’s economic, political and social conditions of the country, delivered during the first session of the eight synod of the Diocese held at the Cathedral Church of all Saints Egbu, in Owerri North Local Council of Imo State.
He also  advised Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State to assess  how the people he is governing are at home with his  programmes, policies, actions and inactions, urging that retirees should be paid their full pensions and entitlements without further delays. He opined that there are many perceptions held by the people on him.
Advising Buhari at the occasion attended by the Chancellor of the Diocese and immediate past Chief Judge of Imo State, Justice Benjamin Njemanze,  former Imo House of Assembly member,  Oliver Enwerenem, some government and top religious officials, Bishop Okorafor noted that there have been calls on Mr. President to run a second term come 2019, which, he said, sounded very good indeed, but urged the President not heed such as  those making the suggestions were his worst enemies and sycophants of the highest order.
He further advised Mr. President  to  leave  Aso Rock after his first term,  maintaining that  he has achieved his life ambition as military head of state as well as a civilian President. He pointed out that with his age, and health challenges, the President needed nobody to tell him to quit.
On the president’s fight against corruption, Bishop Okorafor recalled emphatically that last year, the President was called on to do a house cleaning exercise, beginning with his own house and office before engaging in the fight against corruption outside, regrettably that call, he noted, fell on deaf ears.
He said he was not surprised because governments in the land have no regard or respect for the opinion of the ordinary citizens. The Bishop who wondered what has happened to the looted funds that have been purportedly recovered also questioned when Nigerians would be given the account while also expressing fears if the funds were not passing from one corrupt hand to another.
The Anglican Bishop  particularly warned  that the herdsmen were still going about freely armed with rifles, whereas the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), whose members hold only rallies, unarmed, was declared terrorist group and proscribed.
While IPOB, he said  has been seen as only involved in their mass rallies, without arms of any sort, affirmed that It was unacceptable to declare it a terrorist group.
He wondered who is a terrorist if not these people