Ohanaeze’s bad deal with UN team

The UN, Ohaneze meet from which the delegation of the World body was reported to have emerged “insisting that Nigeria would remain one and indivisible” is a very bad deal, if at all it was a deal – for Ndigbo, Ohaneze and Nigeria.  The trip was unfortunate. It has produced nothing tangible.
The utterance was not balanced, and is least expected of such a serious mission. The delegation did not consider the oppression under which Ndigbo live and for which Ohaneze sent a petition (which was obviously an SOS) to the UN secretary general, Antonio Guterres. They come not to save Nigeria from disintegration, but to look into the complaints of the South-east which fundamentally give rise to the threat to Nigeria and necessitated their visit? The team’s position is a road that does not connect to one Nigeria of peace and security which is everybody’s desire.
The delegation appeared not to have looked at the deeper and more delicate dangers the Igbos are subject to in Nigeria. Without that, the report the delegation will take back to those who sent them will be deficient and lacking in realism.
Perhaps they did not know why they came here. Or they came pre-determined to overlook everything else, rubber-stamp the idea of one Nigeria and frustrate the South-east age-old desire for justice. This would be unfair to those who sent them and those they visited.
One Nigeria is a good idea. But before it can materialize the conditions for it, as far as Ndigbo and other agitating Nigerians are concerned, must be fully implemented. If the delegation did not know this, it proves their immaturity, bias or insincerity.The UN must be fully briefed and appreciate why Ndigbo and others are protesting. The World body has little to do with the declaration “insisting” on one-Nigeria. It is an old story which solves nothing. It has no right to insist on anything. The issue of material importance to it is getting Nigeria to accept the Nigerians of Igbo origin and restoring their full citizenship rights. The South-east people are angry because they are neglected and made not to count in their own country and homeland.
Nigeria is structured to put the south-east at perpetual disadvantage in all things. This must be corrected by all means as soon as possible through the prompting and urging of the United Nations if the talk of one-Nigeria will hold water. Just as the UN has been here to see Ohaneze, it must also go to see the Nigerian government to verify the claims by Ndigbo that they are maltreated. It must ensure that Ndigbo are thereafter elevated from second-rate citizens, which causes  all the problem. All the written and unwritten laws that make them so must be abrogated forthwith. This is the duty of the UN to ensure.

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