Bishop raises hope for Nigerians … As Ikeduru women’s confab ends

Bishop Emmanuel Maduwike of the Anglican Diocese of Ikeduru has counseled Nigerians not to despair over the present economic hardship ravaging the country, which, he blamed on the ruling class.
The Bishop was delivering a homily at the thanksgiving service that concluded the fourth Diocesan Mothers’ Union Conference of the Diocese held recently at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Amii, Akabo,  in the Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo State.
Centring his homily on the theme of the conference, “Looking unto Heaven in a moment like this (Ps 121), Bishop Maduwike said that although the present situation is frustrating, Nigerians, especially Christians, ought to focus on God who has the powers to rescue.
Describing the theme as “Psalm of assurance and hope”, the prelate enjoined the people to always look unto Heaven “from where our help comes”.
According to them, the writer of the Psalm was engulfed by myriad of troubles and he thought it wise to look unto God who answered his prayers.
He regretted that today many people have died while some have committed suicide due to the excruciating economic situation in Nigeria. He blamed it on the ruling class who could not help the poor masses.
Bishop Maduwike likened the present situation in the country to the wilderness experience of the people of Israel while crossing the Red Sea (Exd. 14:15-19), adding that as the Angel of God led the people of Israel to victory, so would God remember and deliver his people in Nigeria.
He gave a graphic account of how King David of Israel escaped and survived many traps set for him by his enemies, including King Saul and how God delivered him, adding that the same God would deliver His people in the present circumstances.
On the state of affairs in Imo State, Bishop Maduwike described it as piteous, adding that happiness had given, way to sorrow and pains.
He said that there have been noticeable anger, pains and anxieties arising from what he described as policy summersault on the part of the ruling class.
He lamented that massive demolition of structure in the name of urban renewal, including market places where majority fend for themselves, and dud cheques issued to pensioners, majority who were dying on daily basis, leaves much to be desired.
On the state of the nation, the out-spoken prelate lamented that corruption, incredibility; dubiousness and confusion have taken the centre stage. He decried a situation where certain sections of the polity had been declared a war zone, code-named “Operation Python Dance” and “Operation crocodile smile”.
He queried, “how can python dance or crocodile smile”?
He enjoined all to have faith in God, adding that weeping may tarry with the night, but joy comes in the morning (Ps 30:5).
He also enjoined all to eschew all forms of wickedness and ill feelings against any one, but hope and trust in God to whom belongs the power to face challenges and uncertainties.

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