Bravo Anambra State

Anambra has set the pace for the entire South east by returning APGA’s Obiano with a landslide. The significance of this for politics in Igbo land is huge.
It beckons on all south eastern states to follow suit and adopt APGA as the political identity of Igbo people of Nigeria. Even if this means putting their political eggs in one basket, it is very welcome. It is from that stand point that they can get their due from Nigerian politics. APGA is the re-incarnation of NCNC and NPP of old. And if the South east plays together in solidarity from one indigenous party, it will make this zone the “beautiful bride” Zik intended it should be. This knocks off the brainless, dim-witted argument for going to play from the center where we are swarmed and our voices stifled.
The appropriate response by Ndigbo to their marginalization is when the persistence of APGA in Anambra is replicated in all the South eastern states, come 2019. Speaking with one voice under APGA, the issue of Biafra will be handled better, as well as the marginalization question.
A situation where the region is politically fractionalized in parties that don’t give a damn about it cannot be allowed to stay any longer. APGA victory in Anambra challenges Igbo people who have become prodigal in politics to retrace their steps honorably back to the fold.
This total and mass political retreat from Nigeria is the type of protest that can purge Nigeria of its incurable attitude of discrimination. This can achieve for the Igbos whatever they want to do with Nigeria and with themselves in the short and long run. With political solidarity, the 2nd Niger Bridge can be built by the South east itself. Any hate advances and the sickening bluff of the powers that be to this area can be rebuffed and defeated.
Imo in particular must re-join the APGA bandwagon. Obiano can now press down the full throttle and run away with his marvelous initiatives in Anambra state. He cannot look back: The victory is the fuel he needs.

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