Northern Christians call for assistance from Southerners … As they face more persecution

From Emma Nwanekezi

The congregation of Emmanuel Anglican Church, Achara Layout Enugu stood still in apprehension when a woman from Plateau State appeared at their Annual general harvest recently and broke down in tears.
The woman, Mrs. Blessing Okwu, had given an account of how the church in Plateau State has been deserted, burnt and people killed.
She lamented the calamity that had come upon the Church in Jos, capital of Plateau State, fearing that what is happening in Jos may likely happen in Enugu.
“They want to Islamize the country, their next plan is to come to the East,” she said in tears, and asked the church in Enugu to come to their assistance.
The revelation, however, did not mar the success of the harvest.
Preaching a sermon in the service, Rev Prof. Innocent Ike, Archdeacon, thanked God for bringing His people once again to another year’s harvest and prayed God to also take them to next year’s  harvest.
Rev Ike, who spoke on the theme, “I will not give my eyes Sleep” (Ps 132: 4 & 5), pointed out that the congregation may not have arrived where they expected to be, but stressed the need to thank God for his mercies.
“Definitely, when we do this, God will replenish us with His abundant blessings”, he said, and urged the congregation to worship God with their substance, which necessarily does not only mean cash but also exploits.
He pointed out that God Himself is the greatest giver because he gave His only begotten son to save mankind. “Who amongst us can do that? God only wants us to show appreciation for His mercy and unquantifiable gift to humanity. He created us from dust, which is a wonder, and having given us life, we should give to Him the best thing in our life”, the cleric told the congregation.
How one gives, he said, is important, whether out of pride, envy, thrift, grumbling or selflessly, reminding them that  God gives power to make wealth.
Noah, he said, provoked God’s blessings and God saved him and his family. By way of appreciation, Noah built an altar to the Lord and offered a burnt offering of a sweet smelling aroma and it was soothing to the Lord. There and then, God swore not to curse the ground again and blessed Noah the more.
Rev Prof Ike said that harvest is the time of opening of gates of God’s blessings.
The Vicar, Ven. Archdeacon G. Ezeabii thanked everybody for a successful annual general harvest, especially the chairman, harvest committee, Mr. Emeka Umeodagu and the Parish PRO, Mr. Emeka Ibuodimma for their efforts in making the harvest successful.

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