The world needs peace – Okoh

The peace the world so desperately needs today is the Man Jesus, especially in these last days, the Primate of Church Nigerian (Anglican Communion) Nicholas Okoh has declared in Abuja.
In his welcome address to the over 7,000 delegates to Divine Commonwealth Conference (DIVCCON) with the ‘Theme: ”We have the Man Jesus”. Primate Okoh said “Without the Man Jesus, chaos will be on the increase everywhere. Without Jesus, even with advancements in technology, men will still have frustrations”.
At the conference which took place at the National Christian Centre Abuja, Primate Okoh said the absence of “Man Jesus” ‘is why suicide rate can be seen on the increase in countries that are supposed to be comfortable due to modernization.’
He admonished that men must cease from relying on themselves and begin to look to God.
The primate, giving an example of the invalid man in the bible, said, “The man has become an example of faith and hope in God, “although he had been there for long without anyone to help him, he remained at the pool side”.
He counseled: Those with the mentality of “If God does not do it for me this year I will cease to worship him” is not Christian.
The invalid, the Primate said, might have been in that condition for 38years, did not mean Jesus did not come late to his life and situation. “The Man Jesus will always come at the right time. Another challenge of the invalid man is leaving with is that, even if he did not know who healed him, he used his new life to worship God”.
The Primate told the delegates to use DIVCCON to be in the presence of God of “the man Jesus” the great healer” to seek him with all sincerity.  The conference has since ended.