Give Imo more taxis, buses

The availability of cars and buses for transporting members of the public is still very poor. This should have been envisaged before tricycles were ordered off the roads towards the end of last year. To aggravate this trauma of the people, the scarcity of fuel has increased cost of the product as well as cost of transportation and maintenance of vehicles. The state government  tends to want to save the situation by pleading for patience and understanding. Just that!
But what people are being put through in this circumstance is something that cannot wait for one more day. Because families and businesses were driven away from their locations, people have to cover longer distances at more costs to look for money to survive with. Incomes everywhere have dried up. Nobody is in a position to patronize anybody in any human endeavor.
Maybe the government has boxed itself into a corner in this matter. We are not even sure the money is there to remedy the situation. But something must be done urgently if lives will be saved. There is an emergency on our hands.
Before we venture to make any suggestion, we wish to ask the state government what its plans are. We may stop at pointing out that the situation is dire for more families than we know. Many children are dropping from schools. Many sick people are dying, especially among the old people. All aspects of the economy of Imo state are affected and being crippled. The future is very bleak.
The Imo State government’s structural renovation is driving people crazy. A way out is not easy to think of. Worse still the situation is not visibly being addressed. We urge the government to plug without further delay the inadequacies it  has created in the public transport sector. As people have been cruelly displaced, they must be enabled to move around to find what to eat. If the situation lingers into the rains, it will be a problem.

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