Nigeria ranks 14

Nigeria has ranked the 14th in a list of top 50 countries where Christians are most severely persecuted, according to a report on global persecution of Christians released by a Christian Group, Open Doors USA.
This list, known as World Watch list, is published at the beginning of each year and uses the data from Open Doors field workers and external experts to quantify and analyze persecution worldwide.
The list which is published on Open Doors USA website was followed by the group stating that the various forms of Christian persecution can be defined under the umbrella of “any hostility experienced as a result of identification with Christ.”
North Korea clinched the top spot, with Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, Eritrea, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, and Iran, in the top 10. Nigeria came 14th in the ranks as a result of what the organization described as “ethnic cleansing based on religious affiliation,” which was said to be becoming nearly common for Christians in a number of sub-Saharan African countries.
It was also noted that terrorism connected with extreme Islam continues to plague many African nations, resulting in increased persecution of Christians.
Open Doors USA Chief Executive Officer (CEO), David Curry, also noted that “The overall numbers signal an increase in violence especially against women,” stating that “it’s imperative we continue to advocate and call leaders to prioritize issues of religious freedom.”
Christians in Nigeria, especially in the North, have been victims of violent attacks in which churches were burnt and worshipers massacred by the Boko Haram Muslim sect.
The latest attacks have come from suspected Fulani herdsmen who target Christian settlements for violence and killing.