No way for fake rescuers in 2019 – Former AG tells Imo voters

By Nick Chibunna
Former Attorney-General and commissioner for Justice in Imo State, Barr. Donald C. DeNwigwe (SAN), has warned the people of Imo State to be wary of those he described as tricksters and con men who would masquerade as rescuers in the forth-coming 2019 general elections in order to earn their votes.
He said that anybody who campaigns by picking akara (bean cake) along major streets in Imo, or sharing packs of sachet water with the indigent and impoverished peasants of the state, as a mark of solidarity with them must be completely avoided, as that has done Imo people great harm than good.
Barr.  DeNwigwe who was fielding questions from Christian Voice reporter on the state of affairs in Nigeria and Imo State, recently in Owerri, lamented that the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led federal government  of General Muhammadu Buhari has not done much to protect lives and property in Nigeria, judging by the spate of wanton destructions of lives and property across the country in recent time.
The former chief law officer in the state spoke on other topical issues, including the unwritten Charter of Equity, said to be mutual agreement between the three senatorial zones in the state, to rotate high profile political offices among them for peace and mutual co-existence.
Asked to comment on the state of the nation and countdown to the 2019 general elections, Barr. DeNwigwe expressed his disgust that the over two years of the Buhari-led federal government has been that of a hope betrayed, adding that a government that came on the mautra of charge has remained stagnant all these  years without making any positive impact on the lives of the citizens.
He said that corruption has remained endemic among some top government functionaries who are still carrying on as if nothing would happen.
On the security situation in the country, the legal luminary, said that no responsible government would sit  and watch its citizens being slaughtered in cold blood, no matter the level of provocation.
He denounced the recent killings by the suspected Fulani herdsmen in Benue State and called for immediate arrest of the perpetrators and their sponsors. He said that cattle grazing has been an age-long vocation, and that the present system whereby cattle breeders wield automatic rifles   and invade sleepy communities  leaves much to be desired.
Barr. DeNwigwe wondered why the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) that was carrying banner and flags as means of agitations was proscribed and declared a terrorist organization while those who waged war against the land have been moving about freely.
He called on President Muhammadu Buhari to sit up and take the bull by the horns as the commander-in-chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces before the situation gets out of hand.
On the state of affairs in Imo State, Barr. DeNwigwe said that the over six years in office of Rochas Okorocha’s administration has been that of carnival, jamboree and fantasies.
He queried; “tell me, what and what that are working in Imo state in these past years?” is it the community government council, the 27 ultramodern general hospitals, the 350 modern school buildings, the so called free education at all levels, his massive road constructions, and of course the controversial statues?
The senior law officer said “go to Rivers State and see well constructed solid roads, not the present fantasy and white-washed landscape.
He said that government is not a one man’s affairs, neither is a state run like an empire but a market place of ideas where decisions are taken to better the lots of people.
On the forth-coming 2019 general elections, he enjoined Imo people to be wise and never fall to the antics of deceivers that would come like lions in sheep’s clothing, adding that anybody seeking for any elective office in Imo State would be thoroughly scrutinized about his/her back ground and what he/she does to earn his/her living.
He described himself as an ardent supporter of the charter of equity and pleaded with Okigwe and Orlu zones to allow their brethren in Owerri zone to take the  slot for Douglas House come 2019 general elections, adding that Owerri zone had made much sacrifices by supporting Okigwe and Orlu zones all these years, with Orlu having four terms of 16 years.
On the Rochas Okorocha’s 50 years age limit to those gunning for governorship seat in Imo State, Barr. DeNwigwe descried that as a non-issue, but expressed his delight on the caliber of Imo sons and daughters who had signified interest to run for the governorship seat in the state.

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