Herdsmen as masquerades

On the surface, militant killers in northern Nigeria have never been given their true names. Nigerians have always suspected, but are afraid to say that they are given false names to cover their true criminal selves and intentions.
The whole system reeks of deception, deception made practically a national way of life.
The populace has to beware. We must know who the killers really are and what they are out doing. This makes us ask: who are boko haram? Who are insurgents? Who were the Maitatsine? Who are herdsmen; and the rest of them?
They come in various shady names which shades their true identity as well. But their mission is becoming clear every day.
They look like shadows of something more sinister, diabolical and dreadful, put together, probably financed and promoted with our own resources. They do the same thing – unprovoked killing, hating and intimidating the country in order to plunder it freely.
It is time Nigerian killers and those behind them were unmasked, and their treasonable mission exposed. They are going dangerously global and cannot be just herdsmen, most of whom are small, hungry and frail boys in the bush, to be able to do what they are said to be doing.
Herdsmen cannot bear and manipulate sophisticated weapons. They cannot be out in the dead of night to swoop on whole communities to heartlessly kill innocent people. Who gives them the arms? Who commands them? It’s incredible.
They can be nothing but trained professional soldiers out for war and conquest of un-armed, unsuspecting citizens of a sovereign state. This is the duty of government to explain. Nigerians have played the fool long enough for peace to reign. But people are being killed. Peace is not reigning. The deception has been tolerated enough. The truth must be told about people’s treacherous role in the acts of the so-called herdsmen. Government doesn’t say much officially about them, suggesting that it protects them? This suspicion is strong now. It should no longer be taken lightly.

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