Toll collection is not a good means of livelihood – Oweaya tells Owerri youths

By Gid Ahanonu
Youths of Owerri Nchi-ise in Owerri municipal have been advised to refrain from collecting tolls as a way of livelihood in the municipal council area of Imo state.
This advice was given by a community leader and a onetime youth leader of the area, Chief (Dr) Oweaya Christians Anukam (Agbawo Dikeizu, Owerri) while addressing the new executive officers of Umuororoujo Youths Organization at their inauguration and handover ceremony at the Oha-Owerre hall last Sunday.
Chief Oweaya who appeared in his “Youth regalia” expressed happiness with the peaceful conduct of the election stated that toll collection was instituted in the area during the tenure of Hon.
Jachimike Adiele as the Owerri Municipal council chairman. As a substitutes to their statutory entitlement being denied them by that administration.
He them urged the youths to learn a skill on their own as an alternative means of livelihood instead toll collections.
Narrating his track records on leadership, chief Oweaya recalled that he started from leading the Catholic children’s block rosary, to youths leader and ended up as a tested and trusted community leader in Owerri area of Imo State.
He enjoined the new youth executives to carry every member along, especially those lost of the election, stressing the need for them not to probe their predecessors but ensure a proper hand over from them.
He donated the sun of N200,000 to the organization, assuring them of partnering with them as he had sponsored 10 youths in the five villages of Owerri in various skills including driving in recent past.
The Newly elected chairman of the organization Mr. Clifford Oparaugo expressed gratitude to the people and promised to take the  organization to greater levels.

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