Academic eclipse looms in Nigeria

Topic: Agents of Academic Decadence
A sound and qualitative academic, moral and social education is the bed-rock on which all round development of any nation depend. For a child to be a qualified medical doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, a successful politician or a top businessman he must acquire a sound education.
He must thoroughly cover the schemes of work for primary and secondary school education. He must spend one academic year in a class, attend school every day from Monday to Friday, Listen to his teachers, copy the notes given on every subject, do the class work and home work given by the class teachers, do each term’s exam and then declared successful In that class and meritoriously promoted to the next class. If he fails, he will be made to repeat the class.
All the school subjects – Maths, English Language, Science, Art and Business subjects are related. The knowledge of one leads to the mastery of others. A child should be counseled in such a way as to be conscious of the fact that every subject is important and, therefore, should be taken seriously if he is aspiring to be great in life and excel in any segment of endeavour. Rickety academic or moral education will not lead anybody to any success.    *
Mastery of all the school subjects are programmed progressively in such a way that a child is expected to be in school till the second term in SS 3, then does the Mock, School Certificate Exam and finally goes in to face the WAEC, NECO,OR NABTEB school certificate exams.
He is prepared and equipped in such a way that he can defend his knowledge of all the subjects he passed in his SSCE.
During our time, teaching and learning were thorough. Only people with sound education were employed to teach. Those to be employed as teachers were sent to Teacher Training Colleges where they spent four years of intensive preparation as future teachers, it was a period of sanity.
For one to teach in the secondary school, one must be a sound university graduate.
No Student transferred from one school to the other without genuine transfer papers. Promotion from one class to a higher class was based on merit. People worked hard, read day in day out, sworted, buried themselves among their books and emerged soundly academically.
Inspectors of education visited schools unawares in order to monitor the performance of the school, illegal admission, punctuality of teachers and students, the school environment, lesson notes and other statutory records. This made schools to be at alert always ready for the arrival of any inspector of Education.
When a child in any class speaks or behaves his action reflects his class. Nowadays, the opposite of the above is in vogue. A child in JSS one in one school can go to another school and is admitted in SS2. A student in JSS 2 will change to another school and register for Junior WAEC Exam. It is an avalanche of confusion, no system, no order; oh what a topsy – turvy situation.
Inspectors from the Ministry of Education hardly visit to check what is happening there.
During our period, the word “Expo” was unheard of but immediately after the civil war, the vocabulary “Expo” came into existence. However, it was an unwelcome vocabulary; anybody associated with it was regarded as a leper and avoided by others.
The Ministry of Education and people who hated academic dishonesty fought against it with all their strength. The standard of Education continued to remain high. But unfortunately and imperceptibly, both the ministry of Education and the school system lost grip of this battle.
Now “Expo” is organized in the Secondary schools, Primary schools and even in the Universities. In schools, students and teachers organize themselves and bargain with supervisor how much will be charged for passing the paper of each subject. English and mathematics are bidded higher. Then come science subjects and other subjects, A child can spend up to N 15,000.00 in the passing of papers. This is not all; Candidates buy people and officially negotiate with the supervisor for this, such arrangements are paid for; the writer and the supervisor charge such a candidate heavily.
With this arrangement exam is done for every candidate who scores Al Bl, B2, and C4. What a shame to this country, People carry about certificates which are not theirs.
Another more outrageous is the one propounded by the haters of academic decency. These groups of nefarious Clements organize candidates and take them to miracle centers and charge them exorbitantly, then write the exam for them and give them the Certificates that they do not merit at all.
In the Universities the name for “Expo” is sorting. Whether an undergraduate writes an exam or not, he must pay to the lecturers or “sort” out his way and will be passed.
The effects of ‘Expo’ are devastating students are no longer prepared to read, they are no more interested in going to school since they know that whatever happens they will be taken to miracle centers where the exam will be done for them and certificate which they don’t merit given to them.
Nowadays, students in JSS 3 and SS 1 pay heavily and are taken to Miracle Centers where the exam is done for them.
Now, think of a child who didn’t cover the schemes of work in JSS 3, SS 1, SS 2 and SS 3 and is given a WAEC, NECO or NABTEB, SSCE Certificate, is he not ruined for life, if he buys his way into the university and ‘sorts’ his way through and is given a degree certificate that he does not merit and then if he has a political godfather and secures a job will he not perform as a half baked.?

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