The Imo electorate has been described as the most gullible, weak-minded and directionless in the country.
A politician and public opinion analyst in the state, Chief Henry Ude, who spoke recently to newsmen also said that hunger, suffering and hardship has reduced the reasoning of voters in the state and erased their memory such that they could be persuaded to vote for anything, even a dressed up “he-goat”.
According to him, the sponsors of the “he-goat” would only need to give out wrappers, rice, salt and money to voters, adding that the situation has been the bane of Imo State over the years.
“A situation where a human being will say, ‘let us collect their money, rice, salt and wrapper now and vote them in, afferall, this is the only thing we can get from them’ is the height of madness and stupidity as a people,” he said.
He compared the situation with that of Anambra where in the recent governorship elections, the electorate collected wrappers, money, rice and all and went ahead to vote for the right candidate, describing it as political maturity.
Ude used the local slang “ndi-eriri-eri” (brainwashed folks) to further describe the Imo voters and called on them to wake up and move away from their slavery mentality to vote the proper candidates come 2019.
Alerting the public that the politicians had stockpiled public fund for use in 2019, Chief Ude advised Imo people to collect the money, cars, rice and so on but to vote according to their conscience.