Call your wives beautiful names – Bishop urges men

By Vincent Osuji
The Anglican Bishop of Owerri, Rt. Rev. Cyril C.  Okorocha PhD, has called on husbands all over the world to show undiluted love for their wives by calling them sweet names which, he said, encourages and compels them to bring out their real God- given gifts for nation building.
Bishop Okorocha, who stated this Tuesday in his popular interactive Radio Program entitled ‘Evangelical Half Hour’, opined that the only way to build a better society is where husbands respect their wives and wives obey their husbands and children honour their parents, adding that a family that prays together, and reads the Bible together.
According to him, “the best way to please your wife is to call her beautiful names. Always appreciate and let her know that you love her natural beauty. Encourage her even in her distress and I believe with this we can build a society that is deeply rooted in love of our Lord Jesus Christ”.
He said that fathers should always remember their role as fathers in their respective families, adding that the best way to bring their wives and children to love them was to live by example.
The prelate further described as a greater folly to expect wages after doing no work or to expect heaven without faith in Christ, or the Kingdom of God without being born again, or the crown of glory without the cross and a holy walk. He said that no man expects the best without putting in the best in terms of loving the wife, training up the child in a godly way and by showing them the good example to follow.
“Develop self confident in God whom you represent in your family before you call yourself a father, and remember, your attitude to your wife either encourages or discourages your children”. he posited.
He urged women not to make their husbands feel inferior but should submit totally to them just as our Lord Jesus Christ had taught us. He said that most women have abandoned their role in taking care of the family as they prefer ‘sleeping’ in the church than performing their motherly roles.
He warned that Christianity is not all about regular attendance to church as some think.