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The Christian amazon of Yobe

Little girl, Leah Sharibu was one of the 113 abducted Dapchi girls. She refused bluntly to convert to Islam from Christianity and for that was held back when others were freed from boko haram captivity.
The freeing of the girls was a deal between Federal Government  negotiators and the terrorists, we were told. And we ask, was leaving the Christian girl behind acceptable to the federal government as part of the deal?
Well, this is a dangerous slant to terrorism in Nigeria. The FG should not have left the lone Christian girl defenseless and so wide open to torture, abuse and defilement and in a situation where anything can happen to her.
Being in the iron grip of mindless, evil killers, we fear very much for her safety. We do not know what her situation currently is. We only hope she is alive. If not, fire could well be on the mountain about future Christian – Muslim relations in Nigeria. We hope not.
The Federal Government has to watch it.
Christians everywhere must be proud of Leah Sharibu. They must emulate the exemplary faith and indomitable spirit of the girl and pray ceaseless for her. A special day of prayer for her will not be out of place. Gowon’s “Nigeria Prays” comes in handy here if it is not a charade.
Pressure must be mounted for the immediate release of Leah. The Federal Government must do everything to free the girl safe, sound and unscathed. Nothing short of this will save this country from damnation. The loss of this innocent Christian soul will be costly if Christians decide to defend and uphold their faith in the country. It should be avoided.
We are, however, aware that the Federal Government has pledged its commitment to the freedom of Leah.  We hope that it follows through this pledge and restores happiness and joy to the Sharibu family and the entire Christian community in Nigeria.

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