Clerics condemn activities of fake pastors, prophets

By Chukwudi Ikpe
An Anglican cleric, Ven. Ezenwa Uchehara has attributed the fast growing increase in the number of fake pastors to the distressful nature of the country’s economy which has led to high level of unemployment, poverty and hardship.
He said that people now open churches in order to get themselves gainfully employed.
According to the Archdeacon, the perpetrators who have come to relies that, despite hardship, people are always grateful and willing to appreciate God, take undue advantage of this to deceive their unsuspecting congregation.
He, however, noted that the issue of fake pastors is no longer news and pointed out that the bible prophesied the multiplication of evil in the last days.
Ven Uchehara who is the Vicar of St. Stephens Anglican Church Emekuku in Owerri North LGA, Imo state adviced Christians to desire for the gift of spirit of discernment, appreciate and study the word of God in order to be able to discover fake pastors and prophets.
Similarly, another Anglican Cleric, Ven. Emmanuel Ahumibe has blamed the infiltration of the Christian world by fake pastors to the crazy quest for wealth.
In an exclusive chat with Christian Voice reporter on the issue, Ven. Ahumibe, who noted that churches are springing up everyday, also condemned the intention or motive behind the establishment of these churches.
He regretted that churches are now floated as a means of livelihood to get rich overnight, adding that the pastors of these churches are not with God.
The Archdeacon explained to serve Him are always conscious of their actions Ven. Ahumibe, who is the Vicar of Jehovah Jireh Anglican church Trans –Egbu, Owerri warned Christians to be very careful and not to believe every doctrine preached to them, stressing that they should test every spirit as directed by the scriptures.
He adviced Christians to focus on the Bible and make it their base and to stop flirting from church to church in search of prosperity.
Both clerics were unanimous in pointing out that most of the fake pastors are the erstwhile feltish traditional priests who have turned their shrines into churches because of the attractiveness of Christianity.

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