It’s time for Orlu to reciprocate – Olu Owerri

The leadership of Olu Owerri, a sociocultural group  canvassing for an Imo State governor of Owerri zone extraction, led by its President-General, Hon Martins Opara, (Ikemba Ngor Okpala) had a joint meeting with the leadership of Orluzurumee, led by President-General, Chief Emeka Diwe and the BoT chairman, Prof Barr. Francis Dike (SAN) recently  at All Saints Catholic Church Orlu.
The meeting which was well attended by community leaders, politicians, clergymen, youth wings of both unions and as well some traditional rulers turned out to be a reunion of both zones and of course, a reenactment  of the long existing friendship and respect of equity and fair play found among both zones.
Speakers from both zones spoke on the cordial relationship existing  among members, Hon. John Iwuala, the National Director, Contact and Mobilization of Olu Owerri, an erudite political juggernaut from Mbaise went straight to the point. He said:
“Our visit today is not to preach for an economic relationship with Orlu zone because we have been doing businesses peacefully with people from this part of the state.
Orluzurumee, we are here today on a crucial mission anchored on fairness and equity in the position of who becomes the next governor of Imo State.
“We are here today to let our brothers and sisters from Orlu to acknowledge the fact that Owerri zone has made a lot of sacrifice to Ndimo.
“Owerri zone lost much of their lands to Imo State as to be used for govt establishments in building a state capital for all of us Ndimo.
“Owerri zone accommodates almost at least two or more persons from every kindred in IMO state who have shops in various markets roads and streets located on our lands.
“Owerri zone has always been the neck accommodating the head and the entire load of Imo  State.
“Upon all these, Owerri zone has never been allowed to test what is called governorship position in a complete democratic setting since the creation of Imo State.  As a matter of fact, Owerri zone collectively advocated the power rotation in this state in 1998.
Barrister Humphrey Anumodo as we all know was supposed to be the PDP Flagg bearer in 1998 but due to the respect Owerri zone have for fair play and equity, the zone advised their son, Anumodo to relinquish the position to Orlu zone which eventually ushered in Chief Achike Udenwa who later became the governor of IMO state for eight years.
“Since then, Owerri zone have been clamouring for same gesture of fairness and equity to be reciprocated in our favor to no avail.
“Today, we have come to appeal to you, our brothers and sisters from Orlu to pay us back what u borrowed from our zone through Barrister Humphrey Anumodo in 1998.
“This is an appeal and indeed a debt you all know about.  This is passionate and calls for a rethink as a call for reasoning and an ecology of reasonableness…”
As the hall erupted in the popular song of ENYE NDI EBEE… ENYE NDI EBEE (signifying equity), other speakers from Orlu  promised to support Owerri zone for governorship come 2019.
They also advised Owerri zone to go back and put their house in order so as to present reasonable persons for the race.
One of the speakers pointed out that Orlu sons developed Owerri municipality. Come 2019, an Owerri zone man must come on board and is expected to develop Orlu, he said.

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