Catholic Church moves to abolish abortion, rape

The Catholic Church in Lagos, on Sunday, has advanced to abolish social irregularities in the church ranging from abortion, rape, homosexuality, drug abuse, others.
This is just as the Catholic Church said it is preaching against any form of violent activity including terrorism and kidnapping that could lead to loss of lives.
The Order of the Knights of St Mulumba, Nigeria, Lagos Metropolitan Council held a pro-life rally along Lagos-Badagry Expressway tagged “The Family and Sanctity of Human Life” to kick against Lesbianism, Gay Bi-sexualism and Transgender challenges, capital punishment, same sex marriage, terrorism, kidnapping and domestic violence/child abuse.
Delivering his address, the Grand Knight, Lucky Arhere said the purpose of the rally is to sensitize the people to put a stop to all social anomalies that can destroy lives.
“The essence is to protect lives. It is a national programme that is done in all states by the Knight of Saint Mulumba.
“The rally was organised to drive home the message no man has power to terminate any life that is only given by God.
Delivering her lecture on the Sacred of Human Life, Dr. Ngozi Obi said abortion has been condemned by the church from the first century.
“Direct and intentional killing of am innocent human being is considered a mortal sin and murder of a family member, be it a spouse or child as is common in our environment and procured abortions are very grave sins.”
“The phrase sacredness of human life refers to the sanctity of human life, the fact that human life is holy and precious and should not be taken under any circumstance. The sacredness of human life is the basis of the Catholic Church teaching on the 5th commandment.”
She said proper upbringing of children can go a long way in eradicating abortion, among other social vices.
She also called on leaders at different strata of society to take the moral responsibility of defending innocent members of society who are trapped in the Northern Eastern part of Nigeria, by the activities of terrorists group such as Boko Haram.
She said there is need for government to improve the living standards of the people through wage increase and utlising dialogue to resolve all areas and issues where there is conflict.
In a courtesy visit, the Baale of Ketu-Ijanikin, Chief Sulaiman Adio Faloye thanked the members of the Knight of Saint Mulumba for visiting, saying he will convey the message rally to the people of the community so that abortion can be abolished in the community.
Dr. Jude Mbama in his lecture reaffirmed Dr. Obi position saying “The key point is that the Roman Catholic Church from the beginning has consistently upheld the sanctity of the life of the unborn child and condemned the act of direct abortion.

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