Church needs men who will wage war against the kingdom of darkness – Evangelist

By Nick Chibunna
Church leaders have been advised to seek and look for spirit-filled men and women who would break camp, do exploits, and raise an end-time army for the Lord, instead of the present lukewarm and docile people who are moving around with ceremonial garbs instead of spiritual armour.
Evang. Engr. Okechukwu Peter Nwachukwu, leader of the Deliverance and Healing unit of St Jude’s Military church, Port Harcourt, Rivers state gave the advice at a crusade jointly organized by his group and the Anglican Diocese of Ikeduru and which took place at Atta Girls secondary School filed in the Ikeduru Council Area of Imo State penultimate weekend.
Evang Nwachukwu, who said that the problems of the present church was that spirit-filled men and women who were ready for the work of the kingdom had been humiliated and driven away, warned that if the trends continue, the church might end up building imposing edifice without people to worship in them.
He therefore implored church leaders to go for men and women who would stand at the gap, raise an end-time army and wage war against the kingdom of darkness.
Evang. Nwachukwu likened the state of affairs in the church today to Israel under King Saul.
He said that God established the kingdom with gifted vessels like David, but instead of King Saul to make maximum use of David as an instrument of righteousness and exploits, he humiliated and drove him away and instead chose to work with men with physical armour  and paraphernalia, and this resulted his downfall.
Engr. Nwachukwu lamented that the church is today in a Slumber and preoccupied with many ceremonial activities while the powers of darkness are serious advancing to overrun the church of God amidst lukewarmness.
He therefore called on the church leaders to rise to the occasion before the kingdom slips out of their hands.
The international evangelist, who has been spreading the gospel around the word, said that men who made exploits for the Lord were all filled with spiritual and not with physical armour.
He listed such men as Gideon, Ezekiel, Daniel and others (Judes 6:12, Ezkl 22:30, Dan 11:32), and prayed that God would raise such men and women in our time.
The crusade, which had “Break Camp and Advance to Do Exploits” (Dent 6:6-7) as its theme featured ministration, and fresh anointing to do exploits for the Lord.