Stop the killings in Nigeria

When will the killings in Nigeria end? This is the question on the lips of all Nigerians. There is fear and alarm everywhere in the populace. This can never be an overstatement or an exaggeration right now. All newspapers are awash with reports of killings across the country. This is on a daily basis. And it has been like this for years. When will this stop?
Nigerians are embarrassed to say the least. People are scared. Nobody knows when it will be his turn to die. Has the security apparatus of this country collapsed?
We think that something can and should be done quickly. The lapses are evident and easy to deal with. But the important thing is to stop the killings forthwith, by all means thinkable. Whatever needs to be done must be done now.
For instance it is easy to see that many people carry guns nowadays and go about without anybody arresting them. The police, and criminals slinging Ak-47 go about freely dressed in mufti. This should not be allowed to happen anymore. All persons carrying guns are suspect. Anybody carrying a gun must have a name tag and be in recognizable, official uniform to help identify him. This is the singular measure that can ensure security and public safety. Otherwise criminals will cash in on it to carry out their nefarious activities. This is what has been happening and people are being killed with reckless abandon everywhere every day. The Nigerian society is under threat now. We hope it is not internal sabotage as this is more intractable and deadly. However the cause must be pinned down and dealt with.
The killings are becoming normal occurrences that we fear has not sufficiently bothered or drawn the attention of the people in authority. This is a situation that will never leave the corporate existence of the country unscathed, and can even make the state fail sooner than later. Of all the maladies the country is facing, security is the most scary and intimidating. It has surpassed corruption as an issue and a problem. Whatever will make people safe everywhere in the country should be the greatest challenge of governance in Nigeria today. Let us tackle it as expeditiously as possible. It is our number one priority national challenge.

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