Aspirant carpets lawmakers …For not checking executive rascality

By Rich Odu
An aspirant to the Imo State House of Assembly, Barr. Bede Ojimadu, has lashed out at the members of the present House for keeping quiet at the “rascality” of the present administration in the state.
Declaring his intention to run for the position as representative of Ahiazu Mbaise constituency at the weekend, Ojimadu said that a competent House of Assembly would have had the governor in check.
Gov Rochas Okorocha of the state had lately come under sharp criticisms over his urban renewal project which is seen as having inflicted huge economic and psychological pain on the masses, among other policies.
Barr. Ojimadu, who wants to run on the platform of the Peoples Democratic party (PDP), told the audience that had he been in the House, he would have raised his voice against the destruction of Ekeukwu Owerri market, the mechanic villages, the New Market and other markets and places before adequate arrangements were made for relocation of the people to be affected.
“ I will not keep silence when salaries and pensions are either cut or not paid. I can’t profess Christianity and when my Bishop is assaulted or humiliated for speaking the truth to power,  I keep silence”, the lawyer said.
He also said that he would not have allowed the destruction of Ahiazu General Hospital to go unchallenged and without an upgrade of its equipment and personnel.
The lawmaker- aspirant did not spare his party, the PDP, in his criticisms, saying that impunity, corruption, imposition of candidates, perfidy, disrespect for zoning and money politics led to the party’s loss of power at the centre.
He reaffirmed his belief in the party’s slogan “power to the people” and urged the party members to live it out.
The politician, who said that he had served PDP creditably since his entrance into the party, averred that it was the turn of his area, Ahiara, to  represent the Ahiazu Constituency.
He promised effective representation which, he said, can be measured by how many meaningful jobs the representative helps the children to acquire, the number of quality bills, motions and laws sponsored and co-sponsored.
Among his programme of activities, if elected, are to sponsor the amendment of the Imo State Autonomous Community Law that will restrict the governor from suspending or dethroning a traditional ruler, the amendment of the Joint Account Committee Law to ensure practical autonomy of local governments, among other social welfare packages.
He said that he would also support the banning of new entrants into the party if their intention was only to contest for positions, free nomination forms for past party officers and others.
Some dignitaries in attendance to the declaration at the PDP secretariat Afor Oru included Mr. Ali Achilonu, Deputy Superintendent of immigration, Chief Benjamin Chukwu, Deputy Superintendent of police, Nze Joachim Ekechukwu, Chairman/CEO, Supreme Oil and Gas, hundreds of party supporters, friends and relations.