Nigerian youths are not lazy – Bishop

By Nick Chibunna
Nigeria youths are the most creative, industrious and enterprising youths in the world and are therefore not lazy, the Bishop of Ikeduru, Rt. Rev. Emmanuel has said.
However, the problems of Nigerian youths are said to be lack of incentives and enabling environment to showcase their God-given talents and skills, he added.
Preaching a sermon at the funeral of late Dame Malinda Ugwoelenma Chukuezi of Umudim in Ikeduru L.G.A. of Imo State Thursday, Bishop Madwuike enjoined the people of God to be wary of any earthly thing that might distract them from making heaven, but rather to labour for those things that guarantee eternal life.
Bishop Maduwike said that the world today is in turmoil due to ostentatious life styles, and unbridled craze for acquisition of worldly riches which do not stand the test of time, adding that a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of what he has, but his personal relationship with his creator.
The prelate enjoined Christians to be at peace with one another, seek and love God, and always bear each other’s burden, adding that Heaven is real, whether one believed it or not.
He said that as wickedness abounds in the world today there is the need for all to strive for a victorious Christian living by avoiding worldly entrapments, including false teachers and prophets who are moving around seeking whom to devour.
Bishop Maduwike described the late Dame Chukuezi as a true born-again Christian who saved God with all the resources within her disposal and enjoined all to emulate her Christian virtue.
He said that the late Dame Chukuezi trained and fostered over 20 children, including himself, Bishop Emma Maduwike, who could have taken to other vocation, had not the late Dame Chukuezi discovered and nurtured his God-given talent.
The prelate described her as a dram molder, mother per excellence and a true woman of God.
Bishop Maduwike condoled and encouraged the family of the late Dame to take solace in the Lord as Mama Malinda as she was fondly called fulfilled her earthly ministry.
On the state of the nation, he lamented the present brain-drain, especially among the Nigerian youths whom he described as the most enterprising in the world.
He said that majority of the youths have remained unemployed many years after graduating from higher institutions.
The event was well attended with many bishops and over 200 priests.

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