What is really wrong with Imo State?

All people of goodwill in Imo state must be thinking of how the vacancy in Imo State Government House will be filled by next year. By then governor Okorocha, having completed his second and last term, must quit and a new governor take over. The vacancy is tied with the question what is really wrong with Imo state and perhaps with Nigeria? The answer to the question will, by no means, come easy.
It is incredible that over 40 people already have filed in to fill that one and only vacancy. Adding those who are yet to declare, the number may soon swell to 100. It means that the attraction to that office [of governor] is very strong. The problem becomes how to arrive at one candidate at the long last. There is magnetism to that office.  And the aspirants are smart enough see and feel it. In the affair, the rest of us are content to be mere voters and people sitting as spectators on the ringside of the bitter contest. You can pity people who call themselves voters because they are always in for a raw deal. They always regret voting the people they vote. The miss-vote repeats itself every time there is voting. It is as if they are fools, blind-folded when they vote.
But interest in who becomes the next governor continues mounting in Imo State.
Nobody in the state can be said to be unconcerned or neutral about this. They can easily recall their experiences in this regime that is about to end, a repeat of which will be just unthinkable.
The voters are the willing horses the contestants always ride to power, whether they like it or not. It is unchangeable. It is irreversible.
What everyone is looking for is how to get the right person to vote for. But each time, the wrong people are presented and the voters have no choice but to vote for them. Before the issue of what politicians do to voters after they have used them, the question of who gets in as the next governor must be addressed first. How will the right person to be voted emerge? What criteria will be used to short-list people? Where will the savior come from this time around? Any mistake about this will be costly. People don’t want to make the mistake.
T he choice of a governor cannot be made outside the existing political processes as prescribed by law. As such what other groups who want to influence the election of a governor can do is to massively infiltrate, take over or dominate the political parties, to frustrate the malpractices that produce governors that are selfish, inhuman and without kindness or consideration. This is possible.
The time to do it is now. Just as politicians play their political pranks as members in churches, churches can subsume themselves into political parties to get the right people into offices. There is no religious mission in this country now more noble and life-saving than this.
What really is wrong with Imo state? Is it the governor? Is it the other arms of government? Is it the people, the led? Is it all of the above? Is the silent suffering in Imo state coming to an end with the coming of 2019? Is this an un-realistic and sentimental expectation? If it is, it is better to get people ready for harder times ahead, because ‘when the going gets tough, the tough gets going’. It is no use making people lower their guard for meeting hard times ahead.
It is likely the Buhari meeting with Donald Trump would have started with precisely this same question: what really is wrong with Nigeria? As in the case of Imo, what he would say can be imagined. He would say there’s actually nothing wrong. Whatever is presumed wrong is in the normal process of growing and development. Your country has been through it. We are doing very well. This is not to say that we cannot receive with gratitude anything you might like to assist us with, to encourage us, and to cement the bond of friendship between our two countries.
America is not a place you go and wash your dirty linens and pour out the dirty water there. It is better you kept wearing the dirty clothes until you get home where your dirty clothes will not be noticeable and blends naturally with the dirty environment. What will be a dirty cloth in America will not be a dirty cloth in Nigeria. Just as what doing well means here will be the same as marking time, backwardness or permitivity there. It doesn’t matter here. If you tell people there you’re doing well they will disbelieve it. Their standard is high. They will ask further questions. They will find out the truth. Here, we will believe straight. We won’t ruffle feathers, especially of people in power. You have no defense if you do and they come at you. They seldom do. Your fears are only in anticipation. Despite that, you keep your mouth shut. It is a national attitude to declare and believe there is no wahala, no problem. If you say there is problem, solve it now. Or do something about it. Of course you can’t.
You’re better off keeping quiet, when the governor or president takes a position, even if it is not the truth. You give in. That is precisely the thing that is wrong. We endorse falsehood. That’s the national ethos. You don’t disagree. You don’t oppose. You don’t criticize. The governor and the president [especially] are infallible, unquestionable.  Even when you are free to speak and act, you must mind yourself.  You go into your cocoon. You must respect yourself, as they say. They are a sort of sleeping dog, not even the tiger. You let it lie.
Another thing is wrong: the leader has taken full advantage of the docile submissiveness of the people and harmers them more mercilessly with measures and policies that flatten them on the ground where they are stooped to die rather than to conquer. To conquer is out of the question. The leader has made sure they will hardly survive let alone conquer. As they die where they stoop, they are thrown away and forgotten. Those alive learn to shut up.
The rulers of Imo state will tell you all is well. Imo is developing. The state has never had it so good. But the led who wear the shoe know that it pinches awfully. The shoe has peeled off their feet. They walk better bare-foot to avoid the pains. Still people with peeled feet in tight shoes are wondering what is wrong.
The leader said that, regardless, they must wear the shoe and they wear it, groaning in pain. They dare not remove the shoe. They must accept too wear a painful shoe a modern fashion.
The leader directs that they must be worn, to be modern and fashionable. The people agree. They have other choices, which they dare not try. They have given up their right to do or say what they want. Again there is a problem of mentality. The leader demands you must agree with him that the governed do not need sympathy. All they need is order and obedience, hanlele. If not, crushing chastisement follows. People are sanctioned together for the offense committed by others. Have you an idea now what is wrong with Imo state? Can you patriotically do something about it? Yes, you can.  I can. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery – Bob Marley. Others don’t emancipate you. You emancipate yourself. Take note. That’s what is wrong. I’ll like to take the fight from this front. Join.

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