Shameful congresses

The just concluded APC ward Congresses can only be a regrettable pointer to what Nigerians will expect from next year’s general elections.
It is scary. It gives no hope for an election that will be conclusive and peaceful.
Reportedly, they were marked by use of filthy lucre to prevent the true leaders wanted by the people from being chosen. The people allegedly using money to buy voters were said to be the same persons in power and old politicians who are expected to have made a clean break from the past by enthroning the highest electoral standards in Nigeria.
Nobody is impressed that the bad practices of the country’s ignoble political past are being replayed today when Nigerians are supposed to have been ‘born again’ politically. People are supposed to have purged themselves of their reprehensible political nature, and turned a new leaf. We didn’t succeed in putting the past well behind. That’s what it means.
That’s how it starts. One can end up with the Kenya scenario where people rose violently against election results and two presidents were sworn in. The legal suits on it have never ended. Years after, the tide of killings has not ebbed. The country is still in turmoil.
Nigerians don’t want that. The fishy deals and malpractices about the APC ward Congresses must be exposed. That will be a deterrent and clear the road for future processes.
Especially in Imo state, all the scandalous suggestions about bribing party members with two million naira each must be investigated. That is appalling.
The ruling party cannot set that as a model in the first Congress before the polls. Yet it is waging a war against corruption.
The federal government of the APC doesn’t need to be told to institute an immediate probe into the serious allegations leveled against highly placed individuals in the party. It has to prove its zero tolerance for electoral fraud and malpractice. This ridicules the APC anti-corruption deportment.
Other parties following suit to manipulate their Congresses is likely, once the pattern has been set. This must be discouraged. Otherwise we have strong apprehension about the outcome of 2019 and the political future. This is not one of the things one allows time to heal. The country must speak out and take corrective action about those shameful ward Congresses. Are the objectionable conducts to go scot-free? Are they permissible, while the anti-corruption war supposedly rages?

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