How Nigeria can achieve unity – Iwuanyanwu

Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, has said that the restructuring of the country to ensure equality and fairness among ethnic groups is the only panacea for peaceful co-existence in the country.
Chief Iwuanyanwu, who was the Chairman of the Ohanaeze Summit on the South East position on the Restructuring of Nigeria, said that a restructured Nigeria will be a very strong, united, peaceful and very prosperous country.
He said that presently in many parts of Nigeria, there is insecurity of lives and property pointing out that Nigeria requires immediate restructuring in order to avoid a situation similar to what happened in 1967.
The elder statesman noted that a reflection on the past Igbos portrays a profile of Heroism, Nationalism and Patriotism by their forebears.
Chief Iwuanyanwu observed that Ndigbo were late in economy and educational race in Nigeria, but by 1960, when Nigeria had its independence from Britain, Ndigbo had a tremendous success in all fields of human endeavour. He stated that Late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe led the struggle for Nigeria’s independence and later became the first president of Nigeria.
In education, Chief Iwuanyanwu pointed out that the Igbo had in 1960 produced many professionals in many fields of human existence including Medicine, Engineering, Law, Education among others and pointed out that Professor Kenneth Dike became the first Vice Chancellor of the University College Ibadan, Professor Eni Njoku – first Vice Chancellor of University of Lagos. He maintained that when the British Government was handing over power to Nigeria in1960, General Aguiyi Ironsi became the Commander of the Nigerian Army.
Chief Iwuanyanwu, who noted that Igbos are  domiciled in Rivers, Delta, Abia, Imo, Ebonyi, Enugu and Anambra states, went further to state that there are also Igbo speaking villages in such States as Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Kogi and Benue states and called on Ndigbo to re-examine themselves and their existence in Nigeria. He buttressed his speech with the philosophers who said “Man know thyself” and further maintained that this is an auspicious moments for Igbos to re-examine themselves and their existence in Nigeria since the amalgamation of the country. “It is therefore a time to pause for a while and reflect on the past and re-examine the present and to peep into the future”.
Chief Iwuanyanwu who was happy that Nigerians have accepted the compelling urgency for political restructuring, soberly reflected on the gruesome massacre  of the Igbos in various parts of the country in 1967 based on the false claim that the military coup by soldiers at that time was instigated by the Igbos.
He described the allegation as complete falsehood pointing out that the action was a pure military affairs and that it was the Igbos that stopped the coup through General Thomas Aguiyironsi. He recalled that in 1967, a peace conference between Eastern Nigeria and Nigeria was arranged in Aburi Ghana and again contrary to mis-information in that meeting, Eastern Nigeria demanded a political restructuring of Nigeria and not secession. Chief Iwuanyanwu said that the measure was protect the lives and property of Igbos but when that was rejected, Eastern Nigerian Leaders met and advised Ojukwu to declare the Republic of Biafra which led to Civil that ended with the slogan  “No Victor-No Vanquished” but not without huge losses in human and material resources.

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