Blame game must stop

By Nick Chibunna

Bishop Emmanuel Maduwike, JP, of the Anglican Diocese of Ikeduru has called on all Nigerians of voting age to go and obtain their Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) in the on-going registration of voters’ exercise in the country, as a way of discharging their civic responsibility.
The prelate made the call recently while addressing Christian faithful, including priests and other church workers, at a function in Atta, in the Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo State.
According to Bishop Maduwike, the present blame game where a bad leadership is foisted on the people must stop.
He maintained that the present ugly situation in the country whereby Nigerians had been turned into hewers of wood and drawers of water was largely due to the non-co-operative attitude of some Nigerians on issues pertaining to elections.
Rt. Rev. Maduwike expressed surprise that many Christians who are supposed to be Christ ambassadors in the country have continued to shy away from performing their civic and ambassadorial duties leaving the political landscape to selfish and greedy species.
He said that if people with the fear of God, and who are ready to make sacrifices are elected into the leadership  positions in Nigeria, the country would be a better place for all, adding that, then, Daniel must have come to court, and Joseph presiding over the affairs of Egypt.
He said that when the right people take over the affairs of the country, the problems of the nation would have been half solved, and the issues of Boko Haram, insurgent, Falani herders, wanting killings and destruction of properties would be a thing of the past and impunity and the destruction of people’s means of livelihood would stop.
He therefore reiterated his earlier call on his parishioners to go and obtain their PVCs or risk being denied of certain services as induction of youth members, Christian Father, or been admitted as a mother or a guild.

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