Lessons from the Innoson-GTB case

The Supreme Court has spoken. Judgement has been given. Justice has been served.  Innoson Motors, the 21st century industrial miracle enterprise, has been vindicated with the orders for the offending professional deficient party, GTB, to pay the Innoson enterprise and her vilianized entrepreneurial chairman the judgement debt of N12 or N14 billion in 14 days.
Great lessons are there to be learnt by all our policy makers, our business and financial facilitating agents in economic development, our security agencies and very knowledgeable and honest discerning government leaders. Let us learn and ve facilitators rather than advetsaries to entrepreneurs in a nationally  hostile business clone. Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) should pay for their part in this inglorious saga of business terrorism, falsification of the truth, misleading of security agencies and abuse of the law and court processes  for the sole purpose of client intimidation.
Justice can be sweet. $100 billion fine May not purge GTB of her collision to intimidate an icon of industrial enterprise in a confounding and hostile economic and political environment with all the dice loaded to disadvantage him. Yet, he soars high to victory and the sky will not limit him to remain an inspiration to others to dare to have visions of possibilities and then dreams of successes in the face of daunting man made and system  challenges. His hardwork to birth his dreams and His sweat shall hear forth fruits by the power of the Almighty Who has the final say in all matters. Innoson, Ibeto, Prof Barth Nnaji and his Geometric Power visions and dreams of power for industrialization shall have the joy of vision actualization and dreams fulfilment even in a hostile chequered Nigerian fraudulent and discriminating, ethnically biased debilitating nation of shameless absurdities.
GTB be the first to taste of the reward for corporate connivance in the war against business enterprise and entrepreneurship in a corruption infested and impunity prone state called Nigeria.
Nigeria repent and provide an enabling environment for private enterprise to thrive and fully address our unemployment and economic suicide sides by government policies and officialdom that delights in killing the dreams of Nigerian entrepreneurs.
Let us learn and practice POLITICAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP. if we don’t know what political ENTREPRENEURSHIP  is or what it demands of Government and all pretenders to national, state or corporate leadership and governance , say so and you will be enlightened and converted to become promoters of enabling environment for business development and advancement.
Our leaders have continued to fail us in strategic leadership and the possession of the political will to serve nation with patriotic deal rather than fending for self and parochial interests that has kept this highly endowed nation in a death bound choking stranglehold and fatalistic WWBA pinfall.
Nigeria can still make it if we chose honest enterprise and lecelbplaying field for all to flourish and grow our industrial revolution. Monopoly must be abhored. Healthy business competition must be the practice. We shall overcome our endemic parasites and destroyers of opportunities for growth and development.

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