Nnawuchi hails Bishop Okorocha … Says he is a rare teacher

By Chukwudi Ikpe

The immediate past Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Owerri, Rt. Rev. Cyril Chukwunonyerem Okorocha, PhD has been described not only as a teacher but also as an ardent Apostle of Christ.
The Registrar and Clerk of the Diocese, Barr. (Sir) Ndukwe Nnawuchi, SAN made this remark while speaking at the send-forth ceremony organized in honour of the Bishop and his wife, Dr. Mrs. Eunice Okorocha, by the Diocese last weekend.
Describing a teacher as a person who helps others to acquire knowledge, competence or values, he noted that Bishop Cyril used and employed his skills as a teacher to help the flock acquire knowledge, competence and values of and about Christ by vigorously pioneering, advocating, propagating and championing the cause of Christ both in words and deeds.
The Senior Advocate of Nigeria who also served as the chairman of the Retirement, Handover and Send-forth/Reception Committee was short of words in describing the Bishop’s nagging and unquenchable thirst for teaching the flock of Christ.
According to him, Bishop Cyril teaches on the pulpit, while conducting service, when singing a hymn, in a meeting, in a telephone conversation, on the dinning table, at commissioning of projects, at dedication of churches, at construction sites, at ordination services, at investiture ceremonies.
“Bishop Cyril spends hours unending to teach, not just on the gospel but in diverse disciplines unrelated to the formal academic training.  However, in all these, he ends up tying his teaching to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ”, Barr. Nnawuchi stated.
He went further to state that the list of Bishop Cyril Okorocha’s qualities as a prolific teacher is inexhaustible, adding that even when his audience grumbled, Bishop Cyril did not give up his teaching.
The Diocesan Registrar who commended Bishop Okorocha for his teaching methods which often see him repeating himself in different shades and forms to press his point home, also remarked that his teachings, most of which are anchored on Christian discipleship and evangelism, are priceless and of inestimable value.
He said that as an Apostle of Christ, Bishop Cyril Okorocha is a vigorous and pioneering advocate, supporter, apologist, proponent, exponent, promoter, propagandist, spokesman, upholder and champion of the policy, cause or precepts of Christ himself.
Sir Nnawuchi summarized Bishop Okorocha as an invaluable teacher, a literary maestro, an uncommon evangelist and a rare apostle of Christ in this age, adding that his commitment, sacrifices, unselfishness and sound moral authority precipitated the completion and dedication of the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of our Lord (CATOL) Owerri.
He prayed God to continue to strengthen him and his wife, Dr. Mrs. Eunice I. Okorocha, whom God used mightily to support and encourage his ministry and advance Women’s Ministry in the Diocese of Owerri.

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