Our challenges … Prelate outlines latter-day tasks for church leaders

Bishop on the Niger, Rt. Rev. Dr. Owen Nwokolo, has outlined the fresh challenges that confront the present day leadership in the Church of God, describing them as herculean tasks.
Bishop Nwokolo was preaching the sermon at the consecration of four Anglican Bishops at the All Saints Cathedral, Onitsha Anambra State, recently.
“The challenge of leadership in a time like this in the Church of God is a battle against corruption among believers and unbelievers alike, the revisionists who twist the truth of the scriptures and preach another gospel bringing gender confusion in homosexuality and other form of sexual perversion, new paganism, materialism, new movements with associated secular philosophical humanistic and antichrist ideologies”, he said.
The preacher and retreatant who took his text from 1 Sam 7: 8 said that the battle is endless, especially with modern day prosperity minded Christianity, war with Militant Islam that is bent to terrorize, wound and annihilate Christians in Nigeria, with many other fronts where Christians battle with forces of darkness, including sin, the world and the devil.
The erudite scholar said the number one solution to the challenges is for the Christian to be certain of his or her call and mission to be able to make tremendous progress, like Samuel.
He said a leader must pay careful attention to his spiritual health and take heed of his standing before God, as Paul admonished, lest he falls, adding that leaders must take their relationship with God seriously.
According to Bishop Nwokolo, prayer is the key and a prayer-less Christian is a powerless Christian.  He added that like Samuel they must be of a sound mind in sound doctrine without compromising their stand but be firm, building confidence and trust among the people.
He regretted that leaders today are not found on their duty posts but are junketing all around, urging them not to give the enemy a foothold, while reminding them that God is not unkind to forget good works.
He went down memory lane to substantiate his claim when he showered encomiums on the Governor of Anambra State, Willy Obiano for aligning with the needs of his people concerning security in Anambra State adding that the pragmatic efforts put in fighting security upheaval in the state worked wonders and the dividends of democracy was felt to the extent that the governor captured the whole local governments in the state with a landslide victory during the last election for a second term.
He said the governor is in close touch with the needs of the people and no mountain would stand against him and all forces of darkness shall be defeated, he declared.

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