Owerri: City with no roads

Major roads in Owerri are now  impassable, tightly packed traffic jams created everywhere by road makers. Virtually all the roads have terrible road blocks put up by the road makers in the course of their work on roads that cost huge sums of money to construct in the first place.
They have cut deep gullies across busy roads as if their aim is to deliberately impede movement along all the roads to compound the woe of all road users. People drive into the jam and get stuck, finding it difficult to disentangle themselves for hours. Because of the excavations on the roads there is no outlet again for rain water. The whole place is flooded and people find it hard to know where to put their tyres while driving along the roads. Pedestrians fare no better in the circumstance as many have drowned and disappeared un-accounted for in the floods. This includes school children.
Those who dare to drive in Owerri after a rainfall risk falling into ditches as the entire place is flooded and there is no way of making out where there is a gutter and where the road is firm.
With this experience, everybody in Owerri is asking to know what the government is doing with the roads. If the government doesn’t know, let’s inform them that Owerri city has become a city without roads, where all roads lead to nowhere any longer. In fact all the roads now lead to hell.
At this point in time, it seems to us that further digging up of the roads should stop. Otherwise the closure of Owerri is inevitable in the next few days when the rains will set in more seriously. The days of daily heavy rainfall are here and the fate of the Imo state capital and its inhabitants is imaginable. It is that of sorrow, misery and despair, never known in the history of the city.
We cannot fathom that our government rather than plan against natural disasters is doing everything to invite them and to make their effect more devastating. We expect urgent government action to mitigate the effect of, in particular, its road excavations. People should be able to move freely on the roads as before. The unprintable things people say about the government and Owerri roads need not be rehearsed here. All it requires is for one to drive into town and get eyewitness knowledge of it. We fear a complete breakdown because things have really come to a head. We have a crisis situation now on roads. It’s very critical. Our public transportation has collapsed, unfortunately at the instance of the government of the state. They appear to want it that way. Does  anyone have a death wish for Imo State or Owerri, its capital?

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