Why Nigeria needs to embrace the Igbo spirit

By Rev. Echi Nwogu

For the avoidance of doubt, I’ll state this again and again: The Igbo are the most patriotic Nigerians who believe in the Nigerian project. They have suffered most and sacrificed most and lied against most, victimised and marginalized most, more than any other ethnic nationality in this Lugard’s failing experiment in forced unity in diversity called Nigeria. The Igbo voted massively for MKO in  election even while the West was divided in their support for him. And at the end of the day the Igbos suffered the greatest loss in property and human life. Let the truth be told. The key to Nigeria’s greatness lies in the TRUTH that the Igbo can turn this fallen nation around if Nigeria can see on which side God has buttered their bread. Nigeria needs to embrace the Igbo spirit of brotherhood and live and let’s be so that great potentials in nation building and development will burst out to astound the world. Respect the Igbo DNA and factor it into the quest for nation building and national greatness. Leave out the gang up, the bitterness and smear propaganda of rebellion used to deny the Igbo a deserving slot in the making of the Nigeria of our founders’ dream.