Come to our rescue – Imo people plead with Owelle as Urban Renewal programme causes untold hardship in Owerri

Residents of Owerri, the capital city of Imo State, have sent a save-our-soul message to the state government to quickly bring to an end the hardship they have faced since the government’s urban renewal prgramme began.
Christian Voice checks around town indicated that the two major roads, Douglas and Wetheral, have been dysfunctional since the constructions began on them.
While Douglas is completely blocked and out of use, motorists have groaned in the traffic grid locks that characterized Wetheral and others undergoing renewal.
The situation was made worse whenever it rained as the drainage system has been disrupted, the gutters pulled off, water pipes dislocated and the entire streets thrown into darkness as the electricity poles have been affected
Speaking to Christian Voice, a Taximo driver, Clement Igwe, called on the state government to expedite action on the programme, especially as it concerns the two major roads of Wetheral and Douglas. He also called for the opening of Chukwuma Nwoha and Dick Tiger Roads to ease traffic in the city.
He suspected that those handling the Douglas and Wetheral roads contracts were not adequately equipped as they are seen to be mixing concrete by manual labour, which, he said, slows down the pace.
According to him, any contractor that is not performing to the optimum level should be asked to quit for competent engineers to handle the job fast.
Igwe, who plies Amakohia to town, through Wetheral said that he had begun to avoid the route, even though he still picks passengers going there.
He said that he now drives through the inner routes such as Tetlow, Ajoku, Erekwerenwa, Ironsi, School road and others that run parallel or adjacent to Wetheral so that their passengers would alight near their destinations. These routes also have their own problems ‘In short there is no easy way in and out of Owerri” he lamented.
Another motorist who was observed to have been in agony because his tyre got punctured when he was meandering through the upturned scraps of concrete and metals retorted, “please go, l can’t speak to you now”.
People travelling across the state to the neighboring states of Abia, Rivers and Anambra are not spared the agony since the routes that would have served as bypasses are not in good shape.
A businessman, Clarence Akuta, regretted that man-hours are wasted in the traffic jam which has adversely affected commercial activities and compounded the plight of businessmen who recently suffered losses as a result of market demolitions.
He called for the government to give the programme a human face.
Mr. Sebastine Osuji, a resident of Owerri, told newsmen, “we appreciate the ongoing road expansion work at Wetheral Road, but it has been difficult for both motorists and pedestrians. There is traffic jam, especially at MCC junction. Electric cables litter the roads and this is dangerous.
“We call for expedited action on the ongoing construction work on the road I felt the construction work on Douglas road should have been concluded before moving over to Wetheral
They called on Governor Rochas Okorocha to come to their rescue, adding that the suffering is becoming so unbearable that it cost Imo people more problems that the policy is out to solve.Road.