Malaysia’s Churches call for urgent action in missing people cases

The Council of Churches of Malaysia has stepped up its campaign for the release of Pastor Raymond Koh, who was abducted 15 months ago. In a statement issued recently, the ecumenical group said that urgent action is needed to find him, Amri Che Mat, who was abducted 18 months ago, and Joshua and Ruth Hilmy, who were reported missing 14 months ago. “The authorities have not located them, neither have they explained their disappearances which have troubled millions of Malaysian residents,” they said.
The CCM welcomed an ongoing inquiry “which has succeeded in surfacing leads which may, if diligently pursued, lead to real progress,” it said in its statement. “We note especially the testimony of witnesses on 29 and 30 May that a whistle blower from the police force has alleged that the police are complicit in the abductions of Amri and Raymond.