‘Dirty’ money not good for you – Archbishop tells church leaders

Church leaders have been warned against corruption and the temptation to receive money from compromised sources.
The Archbishop of Rwanda, Most Rev. Laurent Mbanda, gave the warning at Jerusalem during the Global African Future Conference (GAFCON) summit recently.
Archbishop Mbanda said that such would lead to the church leader losing his identity.
“We must not be afraid to say, keep your money – we have Jesus and will proclaim him!, he said.
According to him, though the world is lost in sin, God loves it enough to have sent his Son for the salvation of people from all the different people, groups and nations in the world’.
Also speaking during a morning prayer session at the conference, Jason Mandryk, director of a research organization, identified challenges facing the Church, such as poverty and inequality, conflict and migration, as well as violence against believers.
“But the church has continued to grow.  While in 1980 the member of bible believing Christians in the global south was the same as those in the North/West, today it is five times more.  So, the idea of Christianity as the “white man’s religion is a myth”, he said.
According to him, there are more than 1,000 missionaries to the UK from other countries. He prayed for 1,000 more, given “the spiritual state of the UK” today.
While Archbishop Mbanda observed that the task is huge and church leaders won’t be out of job any time soon, Bishop Tito Zavala from Chile told the clerics not to be distracted.