Frustrated pensioner causes stir in bank … Urges bank officials to cash her N25,000 pension cheque or be ready to accommodate her

By Our Reporter

A frustrated Imo pensioner caused a stir at a first generation bank at the weekend when she went to collect her monthly pension but was told that there was no money in her acount.
The woman, who said she retired as a teacher, insisted that she would not leave the bank until she was paid N25,000 which was the cheque for her pension.
The pensioner had been told that the money could not be cleared as government had not remitted the money to the bank.
“Pay me my money. I will not leave this bank until you have paid me my money.  I suffered for this nation and here you are denying me of my sweat. You people must repent of this evil you are causing us”, she thundered.
It took the intervention of a senior staff of the bank to pacify the lady who said that she could not attend the burial of a relation because she had no money while the government keeps holding what belonged to her.
“I am a poor widow and I depend on this pension for my upkeep.”, she said.
The Imo State government has been having a running battle with pensioners who claim they are being owed huge amounts of money.  But the government said they had cleared the arrears.
There have been cases of government cheques that are not being honoured by the banks who state that money had not been made available.
According to a bank official, the government had been releasing the funds piecemeal.  As a result, some pensioners are paid while others just have to wait for their turn.

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