Bishop Maduwike condemns craze for titles

By Nick Chibunna

The craze for titles has been identified as one of the major problems facing the present day world.
The Anglican Bishop of Ikeduru, Rt. Rev. Emmanuel C. Maduwike, JP, stated this last weekend at the funeral service of late Ezinne Jemimah Ewekechinyere Njoku, wife of late Rev. Canon Paul Njoku of Obodo, Amaimo in Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo State.
He described the present scramble for titles as a form of disease known as “titlemania,” adding that the trend has suddenly affected every segment of the society including the church of God.
Preaching a sermon titled “who are you?” Bishop Maduwike lamented that “titlemania” has eaten deep into the fabrics of the society these days to the extent that no one wants to be addressed ordinarily without one form of title or the other, adding that the whole scramble smocked of pride and arrogance.
He noted that such titles like “Excellency” and “Majesty” which were reserved for the worship of God have today been hijacked by men and women in their scramble of titles and relevance, pointing our that men today address themselves as “High Chief” instead of “Chief” and “Royal Majesty” instead of “Royal Highness”.
The Prelate regretted that the church was not spared as titles such as Rev. Dr. Engr. Prof. apostles and others have now become the order of the day in the church of God.
Bishop Maduwike made it clear that all these were not necessary as it does not add value to anybody’s life but reduces it.
He enjoined the people of God to take a clue from John the Baptist who humbly refused to accept such titles as “Christ’ and “Prophet”, stressing that such humility elevated him.
Bishop Maduwike counseled all, especially those in position of authority to humble themselves and wait for the blessing and promotion of God.
He consoled the bereaved family and charged them to remain faithful in God, stressing that God remains a dependable helper in times of trouble.
He advised the children of the late matriarch to uphold the good virtues of their late mother whom he described as a good wife, dear mother and invaluable mission partner.
The funeral ceremony was well attended by friends, well-wishers, relations and sympathizers across Owerri Ecclesiastical Province and beyond.

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