Rotarians urged to take up political leadership

By Gid Ahanonu

The Vice Chancellor of Imo State University (IMSU), Prof. Victoria Adaobi Obasi, has challenged members of the Rotary Club to seek political leadership positions.
She said that this would be a platform for them to display the ideals they profess.
The vice chancellor threw in the challenge at the weekend when she delivered a lecture at the installation of the 40th president of the Rotary Club, Owerri, Rtn Ijeoma Georgy Akuegbu Sunday.
She reflected on the Rotary’s Four Way Test of the things we think, say or do, which were itemized thus: Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build better friendship? And will it be beneficial to all concerned?
Prof Adaobi Obasi, whose lecture topic was “Rotary and the Public Conscience,” posited that although versions of the truth existed, “we nonetheless must tell the truth as we see it”.
She, however, reasoned that greed, deception and penchant to hurt others seem to explain why there are so many problems and challenges in the world today.
Examining the role of the church in the issue, the erudite scholar stated that the church was an ideal sanctuary of moral values, but observed that the proliferation of churches and titles and honours in the churches appears highly alluring to mankind.
According to her, “most of the so-called awardees, in reality, are people who the true church should censure rather than celebrate, given that such canonization damages the public conscience.
Prof. Obasi wondered why some Rotarians who occupy exacted positions in governance do not apply their Rotary vision in all their activities to demonstrate the essence of Rotary.
Prof. Adobi Obasi was given automatic membership of the club at the occasion.
Earlier in his address, the outgoing president, Rtn. Justice Oguwike, thanked the members and solicited their support for the incoming president.
The Installation Committee Chairman, Rtn. Tonny Nwanyaka, called on good spirited individuals   to join the Rotary Club which, he said, renders selfless services to the society.
In her acceptance speech, the new president and the 40th, Rtn. Ijeoma Akuegbu Sunday, announced that the club hard planned numerous projects that would cost N7 million within the year she would be in charged and called for cooperation.
She thanked her predecessor for piloting the affairs of the club well in the past year.
Awardees at the occasion were Prof. Adaobi Obasi, Dr. Victor Onukwugha, Prof. Jude Njoku, Chief Eze Duruiheoma (SAN) HRH Rtn. Johnson Osoka Agwu, Hon. Uju Kingsley, Rev. Mrs Carol Ochemba, among others.
Also, the members of the new board of directors were inducted. The event was coordinated by Rtn. Ohajunwa Chukwuneke of Owerri Central Rotary Club.

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