What’s the future of Imo State?

Imo State is a place where bickering and squabbles have taken the centre stage between the government and the governed and also within the government itself for a long time. This makes us wonder if the future is of concern to our people any longer.
However we remind our people that internal strife, power struggle and wrangling cannot take the place of peace, planning and cooperation if the future of this state will be guaranteed. The government of this state needs to do more than be in dispute with its people over small and big issues which can be quickly settled painlessly through consultation, dialogue and discussion. Where have all these virtues gone to in the affairs of Imo state?
It is disturbing that since politics resumed, hell has been let loose and replaced the politics without bitterness we were used to and known for. Since about a year now the urban renewal started, it has been the subject of social strife causing major economic dislocation all over. The murmuring in the state over this has been deafening. Yet there is no sign that the government is bothered about it.
What we think is the cause is that the mutual understanding and friendliness that should exist between the people and their government are not there anymore.
The future is as such a matter of wishful thinking and not of conscious and sure action with clear direction and purpose. This will leave the future equally purposeless. The people have been left as sheep without a shepherd. The centre is not holding. It is imaginable that all economic indices for growth and development are negatively affected, putting both consumer spending and corporate investment at risk. In fact they will crash irredeemably with time. This is frightening.
So what is to be done? The government must climb down from its high horse and listen to the people. The main task is for it to deal with humility, sincerity, honesty, clarity and credibility immediately, without waste of time.

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