Anglicans mark CMS anniversary

As usual, the Anglican faithful in eastern Nigeria, last Friday, 27th July, celebrated the 2018 Church Missionary Society (CMS) anniversary, which commemorates the advent of Christianity to the region more than 100 years ago.
The event was marked in various Dioceses across the region at Parish or Archdeaconry level as the case may be.
Church services were held after which other activities such as mach past, drama, recitations, songs also featured.
Some of the Christian faithful who spoke to us were of the opinion that the religion has fared well since its inception.
The Anglican Bishop of Ikeduru, Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Maduwike believes that Christianity has grown so much, with particular reference to Owerri Diocese, which he said, has given birth to so many other Dioceses.
He, however, expressed worry over the inability of Christians to differentiate between excitement and spirituality and prayed for churches to grow not only in numerical strength but also in spirit.
Bishop Maduwike, who is also the supervisory Bishop of Owerri, opined that Christianity has made a lot of positive impact on the world in areas such as education, governance and development.
The prelate pointed out that Christianity stopped the killing of twins, adding that “the impact of Christianity cannot be overemphasized”.
Also speaking, Ven. Zion Ngoka who explained that the Anglican Church, which was planted in eastern Nigeria by the CMS in 1857 the first Christian denomination in Igboland, equally acknowledged that the Christian religion has made positive growth in numerical strength.
According to him, more people are describing themselves as Christians, but the growth has a challenge in quality of life and faithfulness.
Ven Ngoka, who is the Vicar of Christ Anglican Church Owerri stated that the Christian gospel has aroused he consciousness of humanity and the demand for societal transformation and orderliness, adding that it also brought civilization through schools, hospitals and educational institutions.
The cleric who noted that right from the beginning, Christianity has always found itself in the midst of other religions, also pointed out that the presence of other religions should not be a threat, rather an opportunity and darged church leaders to gear up to spread the gospel.
Another Anglican Cleric, Ven. Ezenwa Uchehara, who expressed gratitude to God and African missionaries for bringing Christianity to this part of the world, described its growth as tremendous and beyond imagination, adding that the converts so far made were too numerous.
He said that Christianity has made influential impact on the world in all ramifications  socially, educationally, medically and otherwise, stressing that the world would have been in darkness without Christianity.
Ven. Uchehara, who is the vicar of St. Stephen’s Anglican Church Emekuku in Owerri North LGA, also pointed out that Christianity has impacted, consciousness of rapture, morals and peaceful co-existence among man and nations.
“That consciousness has made us to remain steadfast even when those that brought the religion derailed”, Ven Uchehara added.
The Archdeacon called on all Dioceses to cue into the celebration of CMS ambassadors and appreciate the consciousness of the end time for eternal life after death.

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