Christians urged to use their profession to serve God

By Emma Onumah

People of God, from various fields of endeavour, have been challenged, to use their respective professions to serve God, as well as use same to raise the next generation, to enable them to serve the Lord and society in excellence.
The Vicar/Administrator of the Cathedral Church of the Transfiguration of Our Lord (CATOL), Owerri, Ven. (Dr) A.C. Chukwuocha, who gave this challenge last Sunday at the Cathedral, while preaching on the topic: “THE LORD IS WITH YOU”, posited that, be you a medical doctor, nurse, surveyor, professor, mechanic or a carpenter, the Lord would want to build the nation through you.
For instance, he said, as a teacher, you should not teach because you are being paid well, but because you are doing so as unto God, who would in the end be with you, and help you raise a God-fearing family, and students who will pass through you.
According to the Cleric, who is also a University Lecturer, when the Lord is with you, the difference is clear, as you would always try to do what matters and which is considerable, and you would never want to encourage, or get involved in those societal vices that are characteristic in many institutions of higher learning these days.
He bemoaned a situation where some students whirl away their study periods, in preference to what they regard as “good time” and personal enjoyment, only to start running helter-skelter at examination time, looking for a “man of God” to pray for them for a miracle to take place.
Venerable Chukwuocha, also used the occasion to admonish those who use ill-gotten wealth to shop around for personal underserved titles and honours, both in the church and community, and thereafter arrange for thanksgiving and social celebrations. He wondered if the Lord would be with such people.
As he further observed, the Kingdom of God should reflect in our conduct, family affairs, businesses etc.

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