Nigerians react

By Chukwudi Ikpe

As more and more reactions continue to trail the recent mass defection of lawmakers from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), to the major opposition party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), an Owerri-based businessman Mr. Bonaventure Ndukwe, has described it as disgraceful.
“It is a disgrace for a ruling party to lose such a number of lawmakers to the opposition.  It is embarrassing and shameful”, he said.
He, however, pointed out that “they are the same people and they go to where it favours them”.
He concluded that APC is dead.
“This is the end of APC.  This mass defection has killed them. It is their funeral”, Mr. Ndukwe said.
A medical practitioner, Dr. Chukwuemeka Obi, said that the mass defection has boosted the number of the opposition lawmakers in the National Assembly and may lead to the impeachment of President Muhammadu Buhari.
He said that the mass defection exposed the disunity and lack of trust in APC
“From the way things are going, some APC governors may also defect to PDP, and when that happens it will be all over for APC.
Adding his voice, a legal practitioner, Barr. Obinna Madu, said that it was not a surprise at all.
“In fact, it has been long overdue and it is the beginning of more and more things that will happen before the next election,” he said.
He said that Nigerians should expect more intrigues because the present government itself if full of intrigues.
Barr. Madu advised the government to always prioritize the welfare of the masses instead of wasting huge resources witch -hunting the opposition.
Comrade Abed Chidi Onyeyiri, a political analyst in Owerri, described the mass defection of APC senators and respresentatives to opposition PDP as a clear indication of APC’s maladministration.
He said that it was obvious that PDP has bounced back as majority in the NASS, adding “this is democracy in action’.
Comrade Onyeyiri said that it signified a public outcry for real positive change which the ruling APC has failed to provide for average Nigerians, considering poor economy, bad governance, incessant killing and maiming of lives and property by Boko-Haram and killer Fulani herdsmen, among others.
A generality of those who spoke were unanimous that the mass defection was an indication that all was not well with the ruling APC.
Speaking to Christian Voice, an Owerri-based civil servant, Mr. Ignatius Okwu, said that it was a reminder to leaders to always work in the interest of the people who voted them in.
According to him, the government has been insensitive to the cries of the masses, especially in matters concerning the killings by terrorist herdsmen in some parts of the country.
Okwu, who said he had sympathy for the APC, was happy that President Muhammadu Buhari had seen the need to meet with the remaining APC senators to plan the way forward.
He advised the President to rise to the challenge of leadership and resist the temptation to favour members of one  tribal group more than the rest of the nation.
He called on the authorities of the party to investigate the major sense of the defections and calan frayed nerves.
Justice Osuagwu, a car dealer, is worried that most of the defections were to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) which had been presented as an inept party a few years ago.
He wondered whether they did not see other parties to move to, and expressed fears that the defecting legislators might actually be working for themselves.
He called for a less dictatorial administration that would usher in a democratic structure and minimize muscle flexing among polities.

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