We won’t be fooled again – Arewa youths warn South West politicians

The Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF) has accused politicians from the South-West region of manipulating the North and dominating decision-making on who should be Nigeria’s president.
In a statement signed by its National Secretary, Alhaji Yerima Shettima, the group warned that it would no longer tolerate the imposition of candidates on the North.
It noted that the North, which was purportedly turned into mere observer then, merely allowed the past impositions out of modesty.
The youths stated that no one should teleguide the North in 2019 when, they said, power should reside within the region, according to a consensus.
The group hoped that the statement would serve as a final warning to those plotting for the imposition of their “lackeys” as president.
The group also criticized the North West over the emergence of nine presidential candidates from the zone.
The North East, it stated, should serve as an example, with just two candidates, and ought to be a lesson for the “scattered and uncoordinated North West”.
We want to make it very clear that the era of imposition of anyone on the North is gone.  We are watching, very closely, the turn of events on Nigeria’s democratic space at the moment and won’t take any form of manipulation by people who know little or nothing about the kind of leadership the people of the North want, the statement said.
“We cannot fathom why people outside the North should turn our region into their political experiment field, choosing a candidate who would take orders from them and abandon his own people’s wishes and aspirations”.
“This is primitive, unacceptable and a smear on well-known democratic principles of a modern, independent nation that we have been in over 50 years”, the group stated.

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