Governance on hold for election 2019?

Governance appears to have been consigned to the back burner as politics – raw politics – is elevated to the highest level of the administration of our dear nation.
From the Presidency at the centre to the office of the local council chairman at the grassroots, it has been a monotonous chorus of defections to, and defections from, one political party or the other. The defections have lately become so laughable that decampees quickly return to the party they left in less than 48 hours. Some have moved from their new party, only to desert for yet another in a space of one week or less.
One cannot envision a better designation for this rainy season madness than horse trading at its most primitive level. And in all this, governance takes the back seat. Both elected and appointed political office holders devote all of the 24 hours of the day and night in meetings after meetings in which they  ” crack their heads ” about how to outmanoeuvre one another as well as their opponents.
Floods have marooned some states, sending residents away to nowhere as local authorities do nothing beyond preachments. The insensitivity of the governments has been so egregious that the President and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, asked an appointee of government in charge of organizing emergency palliatives, to feel free to declare flood emergency whenever necessary.
And it was a pitiable spectacle on national television network as a timid civil servant DECLARED a state of emergency in four flood-ravaged states. He fell short of ordering troops, navy and air force to begin rescue missions.
Here in Imo State our Governor’s response to the despoliation of the State capital is to blame ACID RAIN for the impassable roads. We call on all concerned with the governance of our dear nation to please return to their duties immediately.

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