Residents of Onunwa Avenue, World Bank Housing Estate cry to Owelle over refuse dump

Residents of Barr. Onuwa Avenue, off second roundabout, World Bank Housing Estate Owerri have raised alarm over the huge refuse dump in the area, calling on the state government to come to their rescue.
Speaking to Christian Voice during the week, some of the residents lamented that the unpleasant refuse heap, which has been there for a very long time now, has made life so unbearable to them.
According to them, the situation has been there since 2014and has now gone out of hand.
The resident  who conducted our reporters round there  revealed that the refuse dump causes heavy flood during rainy season, making it impossible for them to come in or go out from their houses.
They also lamented that apart from flooding, it causes road blocks, bad and unhealthy odour as well as increased breeding of mosquitoes  which are all dangerous to health.
They equally pointed out that previous efforts they have made in the past to bring the situation under control failed.
They said that they have preciously contacted the department of Environmental health in Owerri Mincipal Council who  failed to respond after all arrangements.
Similarly, the Imo State Environmental Transformation Company (ENTRACO) requested for huge sum of money, saying that the place was not a designated refuse dump site.
However, the concerned  residents blamed the situation on the ill attitude of some of their neigbours who have remained adamant after several warnings to stop dumping refuse there.
They therefore appealed to the relevant government agencies to come over to Macedonia and help them.
“It is the duty of the government to protect life and property of its citizens and that is why we are calling on them prevention is better than cure. The situation is dangerous to our health,” they added.
They also called on the government to fix standby security to apprehend defaulters and warned such defaulters to desist from the act.

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