Nigerians and 2019 polls

The  din and clatter of politics and politicking in recent months have so overwhelmed the polity that  the ordinary citizen appears to be peripheral and out of reckoning. And yet “we the people…” are the raisons d’etre of all affairs of the state and activities aimed at gaining political power.
How ready and prepared are we, the mythological common men in the street, to play the role expected of us to ensure good men and women are elected to hold political offices?
Politicians who have clear visions and ideas to serve the people sacrificially are the type we need to vote for in any election. Those who approach you with cash and food items to solicit your precious vote will soon forget and abandon you when they get into office.
We must think of our children and their future when assessing aspirants for political offices.
We must  vote-seekers ask well thought out questions when they come to us.
Questions bordering on the economy and the welfare of the Nigerian citizens should have ready answers from one who is prepared for public office either at the executive or legislative level.
Those who are motivated by personal greed will soon expose themselves as they stutter and promise heaven on earth.
To enable us to elect people of our choice, we must arm ourselves with the only weapon permitted by democracy – our voter’s card.
To possess your  card and not going out to vote is equivalent to not having a voting card.  As much as it is possible, everyone who is issued with a voter’s card should strive to go and cast his or her ballot for one’s choice candidate.  That is the only way you can be relevant in deciding who really rules in your local council, your state and your country.
When the perennial deceivers come to you with a mere fraction of our commonwealth they had stolen, do them the favour of accepting it as you pray for them that God should take control.
Please do not swear to an oath or participate in any diabolical and unchristian rituals of any type.
Do not mortgage your future and that of your children by deliberately casting your ballot for a person you would not leave your wallet to hold for you.
We have become more politically enlightened; and this must be reflected in the reasonable and rational manner we vote when the time comes.

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