Beyond party primaries

Now that many of the political parties have concluded their primaries and gearing up for election campaigns, we would wish to call on all concerned to refocus their attention and quickly adjust to the realities.
Obviously, in every competition there are bound to be winners and losers. Indeed the decision to take part in a contest implies readiness to play by the rules, and to accept, in good faith, the result of the race.
We appeal to all who contested in their party primaries to appreciate that what they have experienced so far had been an intraparty matter involving co-contestants. The candidates that have emerged are, technically, flag bearers of their respective parties who will now go into contest for the various political offices.
Good party members that lost in the primaries should demonstrate party loyalty by giving whole hearted support to their parties and their party flagbearers. They should avoid the temptation to jump ship at this critical hour and undermine their parties.
Victory for their party should be their common aspiration. Winners should reach out to their party colleagues and extend the hand of fellowship. The proclivity to winner-takes-all should be resisted by all means. Spoils of office are limitless and can be equitably shared when one shuns primitive greed to appropriate everything. Good politicians are akin to good sportsmen and women.
But even more so, the welfare of the citizens is the major driving force of a real politician.
If all players in the political field think NIGERIA, quarrels and betrayals that lead to violence will be minimized. Our sincere appeal to all politicians is to have a vision of a better Nigeria in which peace and prosperity will reign.
As the gong goes for the formal commencement of the campaigns for the 2019 general elections, one would expect considerable excitement in the polity. Our prayer is that the Almighty God will intervene and touch the hearts and minds of all stakeholders to ensure a rancour-free electioneering throughout the country.

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